Messerschmitt Me-163

Messerschmitt Me-163 Komet

The Komet was the first rocket-powered fighter to be placed in active duty. It never managed to achieve what it was meant to achieve, namely to protect key german industries from allied bomber attacks. As a fighter aircraft, it had far too many problems to ever be effective. It's key advantages, speed and fast deployment, were not enough to help it make a difference, and the end of the war was already approaching when it came into service.

As an aircraft, on the other hand, the design of the Me-163 can only be described as a great success. It was a small aircraft, highly maneuverable, safe to fly, and very fast. On July 6, 1944 it set an inofficial world speed record of 1130 km/h. With its tailless construction, it paved the way for future delta wing designs.

On this site you will find a few picture galleries, mostly of my own boxes and kits - including instructions and parts.

For an incredible amount of information, links and pictures, check Rob de Bie's page!

Don't miss this video! Also, search YouTube for a large number of Me-163 videos.


There are a few great books, too: The Messerschmitt ME 163 "Komet" Vol I (by Mano Ziegler) and Vol II (by M. Emmerling)...and don't miss Wolfgang Späte's "Top Secret Bird"!


There is also a japanese book in the Aero Detail series about the ME163 - the Aero Detail #10:

Finally, there is some text and some pictures of both the ME163 and the ME263 in a book called German Aircraft Landing Gear:
German Aircraft Landing Gear Front

Other recommendations

I've just found a new book: "Raketenjäger Me 163. Ein Tatsachenbericht von einem der überlebte" by Mano Ziegler. It is in german (as is obvious from the title), but it has been translated into english and it may be possible to find that version somewhere.

I can recommend Hannants as a source for model kits and accessories. They have a great assortment of kits and accessories and a very good online order engine.

Here is a small gallery with various ME163 pictures.