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Humans are the only organism that would play-fight for a little plastic puck, creating huge events solely based around this activity, and we're obviously the only ones to even consider creating our own artificial ice surfaces even when it's not naturally freezing outside, just to support these events. Then we build specialized machines solely for the purpose of polishing and improving this artificial ice, and some people spend probably all their working time in the production of such machines. And now I'm watching a show on TV about how they build these machines.


Gluff, the DHCP lease logger, has attracted some unexpected attention by anonymous commenters and since I never thought anyone would find it unless I advertised it, I never bothered to set up the commenting system properly. The results are that I don't know who any of these people are so I can't tell them that a new release of Gluff is now out, with a patch for ISC DHCP 4.1.0, and also that the page has been overflowing with ridiculous SPAM comments in a neverending stream.

Boolean value, 21st century style

From Christopher C. Stacy's message yzlr60b10vo.fsf@news.dtpq.com in alt.folklore.computers:

<XMLBooleanValueObject xsi:type='typens:XMLBooleanValueObject xmlns:xsi='http://www.w3.org/2010/XMLBooleanValueSchema'
 <BooleanValueIsTrue bits="1">True</BooleanValueIsTrue>

...and I wish it was a bit further from the truth than it really is.

Xbox 360 RROD fixed

A friend brought an Xbox 360 that had stopped working, displaying the famous Red Ring Of Death syndrome, that I had read so much about. Since professional service would be too costly, I offered to see what I could do, using the magic powers of Google for my ally.

Since my own Xbox is much newer, I don't expect it to succumb to this nonsense anytime soon, and besides it's not modded so I can just send it in for service. Not so in this case.

The Laughing Gas Incident

So I decided I'd been out of N2O for my cream siphon for too long and wanted to restock. It all came up because I made semlor yesterday - the yummy Swedish delicacy that we eat around easter for obscure reasons, and which they were out of in the supermarket yesterday even though I'd worked myself up towards a remarkably strong craving for this stuff by the time I got there.

Freak Show Saturday

We decided to go shopping a bit and came home with a ceiling fan, taco stuff (yeah, that's really unusual...) and a freaky mutation of an orchid.

A perfectly normal phalaenopsis flowerA perfectly normal phalaenopsis flowerWe visited Plantagen just to take a quick look, and after admiring the smallish coconut trees they had which I of course had to show her, Marlina mentioned that she had seen a weird phalaenopsis among the orchids.

Me, part of the technorati?

I haven't actually given a r*t's *ss about blogging until now, but it does seem a bit of a waste not to try to get it properly published, now that I've started adding posts. It seems (at least according to Wikipedia) that Technorati somewhat dominates the so called blogosphere, so here's my Technorati Profile.

Aspire to go online

So, we bought an Acer Aspire A110 for Marlina on the weekend. The choice stood between the Asus Eee PC 900 (which lost out because of its slower CPU and the fact that a new gen Asus is due out soon), the Asus Eee PC 901 (which lost out because it was supposed to be significantly more expensive), the Acer Aspire A150 (attractive because it came with more memory and a larger disk, and runs XP which Marlina would feel at home with), and the one we ended up with, the A110.

End of the threads

Just to follow up the previous post: The render has now finished, after about 2 1/2 days, and 530 hours of CPU time. The experiment has to be declared a success, since this would easily have taken 400 times as long to render on a single thread without the filled-square bypass algorithm. That's 2 1/4 years. Puts things in some perspective, I'd say.

Fila Ad Absurdum

Always trust your scheduler, for it is your friend.

Well, no, not really, I guess. However, there is apparently some truth to this, after all. I've just made my first threaded C program and I didn't bother with the small-scale stuff. I wanted to render a monochrome Mandelbrot Set picture at a high resolution, so I opted for 10240 x 10240 pixels, at a cutoff of over 1,000,000 iterations.

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