We're On The Air!

I've finally switched to the new site. I didn't make many changes in the end, just making sure that the old "work" and "wiki" hierarchies were moved to the new web root.

I've been mulling over the design of the new site at length, but now I've decided that I like it. It's simple, to the point and elegant.


This is interesting stuff. I've configured Windows Live Writer as a blogging tool. It remains to be seen whether it's actually useable, but the general principle is sound.

For this to work, the 'blogapi' module has to be enabled, permissions have to be adjusted and WLW has to be configured to connect to the 'xmlrpc.php' URL of the Drupal site in question, using the blog type "Moveable Type API". Impressively easy to set up, for a Microsoft hack talking to a massive open source system.

More windmill fighting

I installed the GeSHi module for code pretty-printing and wanted to show it off, which entailed turning off the WYSIWYG editor. This wasn't possible without a patch. The only problem was that the patch didn't work. Turned out that the WYSIWYG editor was enabled for just about every text area in sight, which caused the patch to wreak havoc on my poor Drupal.

A few steps forward

It turned out that the DNS problems were caused by my ISP, who had inadvertently managed to write-protect the cache files on their side. Even the best can make mistakes, apparently. I'm relieved to know that.

And now I've produced a theme that I can call my own, at least temporarily. It's not exciting in any way, but it's elegant and stylish, in my opinion. I can always fix it later, anyway.

Trials 'n Tribulations

This hasn't been much of a success story so far, actually. I sincerely hope that it improves over time.

Of course, the problems I have been fighting have been one off affairs so far. Excepting one, they have all been solved in the end, through blood, sweat and tears. At least virtual ones. I do hope that there isn't some kind of curse hanging over this project, though.

First post, this is

This is my first blog post. Disregarding "diary" posts in ancient community systems and the like, this might actually be my first "proper" blog post ever. Nothing to be proud of, of course. I've never been very impressed by the concept of blogs.

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