Christmas haiku - in Swedish

Here are five automatically generated "haiku" verses in Swedish. They are based on several popular Swedish christmas tunes. Refresh the page to get a new set!

Över mo och tralla
Och var väl roligt, hurra
Tomten mamma kyss

Och över taken
Ren vi åker i fällen
Och hattarna på

Slädklockan klättra
Det var de står på en stjärt

Åtta nisses händer
Två små röda luvor på
Snart så komiskt sätt

Skumpar runt omkring
Detta har rätt på trappen
Tipp, tapp, tipp, tipp, tapp

The algorithm is pretty interesting. It is based on an old idea from Scientific American (vol 249, no 5, Nov 1983, pages 18-28: "Computer Recreations - A progress report on the fine art of turning literature into drivel" by Brian Hayes) and uses frequency data from a given text to calculate probability weights to be used in random character selection. This means that new "words" could possibly be generated from existing word parts, and new sentences will usually be produced, often by combining parts from many different sentences in the source text. By combining source texts in wildly different styles, one can get surprising results.
The frequency table doesn't simply contain simple character frequencies but rather the probability for a given character to appear as continuation of an existing sequence of characters. The sequence length is a parameter to the program and it affects the result significantly, with the gibberish level increasing for smaller values.

Worth noting is also that it's not anywhere near as easy to auto-generate haiku in English. Syllables are easy to identify in Swedish, with near 100% correctness. In English, automatically identifying syllables is a far more daunting task.