Julia was born "Craft's Quest For You" at the kennel of Marie & Ove Engström in Sundsvall on November 27, 2000. She is a Golden & white shih-tzu female, usually kept with very short fur for comfort.


Julia is a very social dog, and likes to get people's attention when walking. However, for reasons unknown she dislikes other dogs. I speculate that she simply doesn't quite understand them, and so they scare her a little. She grew up with a lively horde of Chinese Cresteds, and she does accept those particular dogs, but only reluctantly. Unless she's in heat, she takes large detours around other dogs when we walk. She also has very definite (and sometimes inexplicable) ideas about which humans are trustworthy.

Some would say (and some do say) that I've spoilt her rotten, since she usually gets to do what she wants, and because I usually let her decide the route when we walk. Truth is, she has learnt - mostly on her own - how to behave in a normal family, and she rarely does anything she's not supposed to - and she gives ample warning first and then she does it in the bathroom... :-)

As for the walks, she is simply better than I am at picking varied routes of suitable length, so there's usually no reason for me to interfere. When I do, she doesn't mind much and obeys me without resentment.

She seems to understand almost anything we say that she thinks can be of use to her, and nothing else. This leads me to believe that she understands many other things too but can't be bothered to let on that she does.

Her primary hobbies (beyond eating and sleeping) are cars (riding in them and looking at them) and people - especially people talking to each other.


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