About me

I am a 40-something male living with my wonderful wife Marlina and my cute little dog Julia in Uppsala, Sweden. I work as the IT Manager of a software company here in Uppsala.

My free time is shared among a plethora of hobbies and interests, like music (which is with me, always), reading/writing, dancing, video and computer games, electronics and computers, programming, web design, language, psychology and scientific theory are just a few of the things that always catch my interest.

My professional profile summary from LinkedIn

My experience and my sphere of interests is wide and varied, covering computer hardware, software and network technology.

There are a few focal points - areas that I have a particular interest in or have at one point or another concentrated on:

  • Advanced system management, particularily in various UNIX environments of all kinds of flavours.
  • Programming in countless different languages, including:
    • Assembler programming for various processors, including Atmel MCU:s.
    • Network and system programming (particularly in C).
    • Script programming in various languages in UNIX and UNIX-like environments.
    • Object oriented design and programming (C++ in the nineties, nowadays Java and C#).
    • PostScript, building among other things a printer emulation layer.
  • Network engineering (i have taken Cisco's CRC and ACRC courses and worked with network and router configuration)
  • Security and encryption.
  • Project management and basic ITIL.
  • UNIX and Linux (I was an early Linux desktop user in the mid-nineties) and many other things. Have written code for the Linux routing table system.
  • Windows services and systems programming
  • Web development (primarily PHP+mysql, XML and XSL) and some interest in usability and design.
  • Data structures and algorithms.
  • A hobby interest in MCU and electronics design and programming.

Rather than striving towards focusing on any particular area, I tend to thrive in situations where I can learn new things.

I do not nurture irrational preferences for software environments, like operating systems or languages. I use whatever's available and suitable. I'd consider myself an expert user of various UNIX dialect, Linux, MacOS X and Windows, as well as comfortable managing most major operating systems.


I prefer programming to most other endeavours, and I cover areas like algorithms/data structures, databases, communication, web, security and many other things.

I believe some of my primary strenghts are a knack for software architecture, rapid prototyping, troubleshooting/debugging, understanding other programmers' code and communicating with customers.

I speak, understand and write Swedish and English fluently.