Installing system from scratch on Neonode N2

The Neonode N2 uses a MicroSD card for both system and user files, and it can easily get confused if the card has the wrong partitioning scheme to begin with. If your Neonode has become a Neobrick or you are installing from scratch and experiencing problems, here's a simple trick.

Actually, the problems might be just about any kind of installation failure. Partitioning problems seem to easily confuse the phone completely.

  1. Remove the card from the phone and connect it to a Linux box (physical or virtual - just download VMware player and any ready-to-use Linux appliance if you don't already have one).
  2. Find out the card's disk name (hint: use dmesg and see what happened just after you inserted the card. It's probably /dev/sdb or /dev/sda).
  3. Make sure it's not mounted and then run "fdisk /dev/sdb" (or whatever device you found it to be).
  4. Check the partition table with the "p" command - you may very well see nothing but garbage partitions.
  5. Remove any partitions on the card with the "d" command.
  6. Create a new partition, encompassing the entire card. Use "n".
  7. Use "t" to set the type of the partition to "c".
  8. Exit fdisk with "w". Now you can shut down the Linux system again.
  9. Remove the card from the Linux box and insert it in a Windows box instead. It should appear under "My Computer" after a while.
  10. Double-click it, and then let Windows format it. Eject it from the Windows box when it's done.
  11. Now,  re-insert the card in the Neonode, and follow the installation instructions. Most likely, it will work now!